Our Values

Longford Primary Care Centre shares and promotes the best of modern medicine and looks for innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

 The Practice strives to develop its skills and consistency to deliver improved services to our patients.

 The following vision and values are the principles that we work to:

  • Protect, improve our Practice through greater organisational scale to provide convenient high quality, comprehensive and integrated services (GP Alliance Membership)
  • Enhance the skills and flexibility of our workforce to meet population and service needs with programmes of continuing professional development
  • Work and collaborate with others to innovate in service provision, building on new technologies and recognising lifestyle choices of service users in the way in which they wish to access care
  • Operate ethically, with accountability, probity and fairness at the heart of our Practice.

To make sure that we are updated to the best poissible standards, all staff staff at Longford Primary Care Centre and Bell Green Health Centre are trained on a regular basis. Our latest triaining packages include:

  • Dementia Tier 1
  • IRIS Training (Domestic Violence)
  • Carer's Training